Near the entry of "Cavern Club" n.10 of Mathew Street, in the centre of Liverpool, until some years ago, an anonymous bill inform: "This is where the Beatles started".
The "Cavern Club" started the activity the 16th January 1957, thanks to its owner Alan Sytner.
At the beginning play just Jazz music. Before starts Merseysippi Jazz Band to give possibilities at many members, especially young.

Later, was accepted the Skiffle, far relative of the Jazz.

The early to play were the Quarry Men of John Wiston Lennon the 7th August in the same year - to surprise - two numbers Rock of anthology: "Blue Suede Shoe" and "Hound Dog". This transgression caused indignation in Alan Sytner who give a message where was write: "Cut out the bloody rock!".

Some months later has been the Rory Storm & the Hurricanes group to finish to ban the Rock with the dangerous piece "Whole Lotta Shakin".

These are the debuts at "Cavern Club" of some many locals groups, who in a short period the particolary sound of Merseybeat was well-known all over the world:
Cass & the Cassanovas and the Rory Storm & the Hurricanes (25 May 1960), The Remo Four (21 March 1961), the Beatles (21 February 1961), Gerry & the Pacemakers (25 luglio 1961), the Searchers (23 December 1961), the Merseybeats (1 August 1962), Freddie & Dreamers (9 settembre 1962), the Hollies (3 February 1963)...

So Paul McCartney described the situation which was at the internal of the local:
"The Cavern was great. Every gig was more like a private party then a public performance.
We knew most of the audience by first name, it was a very personal atmosphere rather than singing and playin to an impersonal crowd".

Infact the familiarity between the regular customers on the stand and in the midst of spectators was principal characteristic.
Every time which was playing was "Like a live DJ show".
The pieces were introduced with the dedications: "This one's for Bernie and Pauline who are standing at the bar. Hope you're enjoying your lunch".

There was another atmosphere which can breathe: the dampness.
Didn't exist windows and this prevented the change of the air, and during the show it did always sultry, especially in the summer.
The scarcity of hygienic services together at the odour of disinfectant caused a bad smell.

During the winter, it need keep the coat.

In a small food-bar near the stand, in a space separated of the principal room from a big wall of arches, were served bottles of coca, tea, coffee and hot dogs.

"The best of cellars" is what was the "Cavern" full of young during the shows, in the morning, afternoon and sometimes "all-night".

On the small stand the famouses musical groups of the merseyside of fabulous years 60' .