THE         PACEMAKERS

    Late 1957 until March 1961

Resplendent in their royal blue blazers, GP badges, gold buttons, red hankies! 

Gerry started singing and strumming in 1957, at the Florence Institute, a boys Club in the Dingle. He continued to lead various skiffle groups (the Mars Bars is the best know) and trios while working for British Railways. Realised the limitations of a trio on his first Hamburg trip (12/60). 

Early members of Gerry's groups include....Dixie Dean (washboard), Jim Tobin (bass), Joe Bower and Brian O'Hara (both guitar), Arthur McMahon (piano), Alec Randall. 


Gerry Marsden: guitar, vocal; 
Freddie Marsden: drums; 
Les Chadwick: bass. 


April 1961 to late 1967

Recorded some of the era's classics. 

Burgeoning local popularity was reflected in December 1961 Mersebeat poll, where they came second. Within a year, they'd won Brian Epstein's patronage and an Emi deal. No space to detail their remarkable feats! 

Gerry Marsden: guitar, vocal; 
Les McGuire: piano; 
Freddie Marsden: drums; 
Les Chadwick: bass. 

                                                     (1963 - 1965)


'How Do You Do It?'/'Away from You'                 COLUMBIA DB 4987          3/63 

'I Like It'/'It Happened to Me'                                 COLUMBIA DB 7041          6/63 

'You 'll Never Walk Alone'/'It's Alright'                 COLUMBIA DB 7126       10/63 

'I'm the One'/'You've Got What I Like'                    COLUMBIA DB 7189         1/64 

'Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying'/ 
'Show Me That You Care'                                       COLUMBIA DB 7268         4/64 

'It's Gonna Be Alright'/'It's Just Because'                COLUMBIA DB 7353         8/64 

'Ferry Cross the Mersey'/You You You'                 COLUMBIA DB 7437       12/64 

'I'll Be There'/'Baby You're So Good to Me'          COLUMBIA DB 7504         3/65 

'Walk Hand in Hand'/'Dreams'                                COLUMBIA DB 7738       10/65 


'How Do You Do It'                                                COLUMBIA SEG 8257       7/63 

'You 'll Never Walk Alone'                                    COLUMBIA SEG 8295      12/63 

'I'm the One'                                                            COLUMBIA SEG 8311        2/64 

'Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying'                     COLUMBIA SEG 8346         5/64 

'It's Gonna Be Alright'                                            COLUMBIA SEG 8367       12/64 

'Gerry in California'                                               COLUMBIA SEG 8388         2/65 

'Ferry Cross the Mersey'                                        COLUMBIA SEG 8397         3/65 

'Rip It Up'                                                               COLUMBIA SEG 8426         6/65 


'How Do You Like It'                                             COLUMBIA 33 SX 1546     10/63 

 'Ferry Cross the Mersey' (with other acts)             COLUMBIA 33 SX 1676      1/65 

'Dreans', in which Gerry dreams of Liverpool FC, is the quirkiest record from the Mersey boom. Since then he has recorded both as Gerry Marsden and as Gerry and the Pacemakers and is prone to recording new version of 'You 'll Never Walk Alone'. The Tony Sheridan song 'Please Let Them Be', which is mentioned in the chapter 'Germany Calling', was released in 1967 on CBS 2784 under the name of Gerry Marsden: a smashing record that didn't sell and has never been reissued.

Date of entry into  UK charts -  Title - Highest  position 

3/63               "How Do You Do It"                              1
5/63               "I Like It"                                             1
10/63              "Iou 'll Never Walk Alone"                  1
1/64                "I'm the One"                                       2
4/64               "Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying"  6
12/64              "Ferry Cross the Mersey"                   8
3/65                "I'll Be There"                                    15



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