September 1962 to August 1963

THE NOMADS. Stu James (real name Stu Slater): "I was in the Sixth form at Liverpool Institute - post A-levels, waiting to go to University - but somehow I got involved with the Nomads instead. I came in as pianist, playing an ordinary upright until I could afford a Hohner, and then I started singing too. Our repertoire was powerful, hardline R & B...we were a sort of Liverpool Yardbirds. By the time we changed our name to the Mojos, we were playing 4 or 5 nights each week - pubs and clubs - and we'd had a track released on THIS IS MERSEYBEAT." James almost joined the Undertakers - rehearsed with them for three days when Nugent threatened to leave. 


Stu James: vocal, piano; 
Keith Karlson: bass; 
John Konrad: drums; 
Adrian Wilkinson: guitar, vocal (founder and leader during his year with them). 


    August 1963 to October 1963

THE MOJOS. After winning a songwriting competition at the Philharmonic Hall, they got a songwriting/recording contract with Carlin Music, who leased their tapes to Decca. This line-up released one single: Forever/They say (F11732 - October 1963). James: "Allan Williams was very good to us...he gave us a residency at his Club, the Blue Angel. The first generation bands would come along to see us...the scene up there was great around that time. The Merseybeats, the Dennisons and the Mojos were the groups the little girls liked best, whilst the other musicians favoured the Beatles, the Big Three and the Undertakers." Wilkinson departed; Crouch arrived. 


Stu James: vocals; 
Keith Karlson: bass; 
John Konrad: drums; 
Terry O'Toole: piano; 
Adrian Wilkinson: guitar (Mastersounds). 


November 1963 until October 1964

Went over to play the Star Club - and Whilst in Hamburg cut their second of the great classics of the Mersey era: "Everything's alright/Give your lovin' to me (F 11853 - March 1964 - #9). Followed with two less distinguished efforts: Why not tonight?/Don't do it anymore (F 11918 - June 1964 - #25) and Seven daffodils/Nothin' at all (F 11959 - August 1964 - #30). James: "We made our name in Liverpool as blues specialists but later got persuaded to do all sorts of lightweight pop stuff. After our initial success, we just stumbled on in a fairly aimless way. If we got any acclaim it was for our live performances which remained loud and raucous". 

Stu James: vocals (to Stu James & the Mojos); 
Nicky Crouch: guitar, vocal (to Stu James & the Mojos); 
John Konrad : drums (split up over diverging views/ideas); 
Terry O'Toole: piano (split up over diverging views/ideas). 
Keith Karlson: bass (split up over diverging views/ideas).

December 1964 until September 1966

STU JAMES & THE MOJOS. Made two singles: Comin' on to cry/That's the way it goes (F 12127 - April 1965) and Wait a minute/Wonder if she knows (F 12231 - August 1965). Toured Britain consistently - but unable to recapture earlier popularity and spirit. Dunbar, by then regarded top drummer in Liverpool, quit to join John Mayall's blues band. Collins, whose father (Bill) was the Mojos' road manager, was later to become a successful TV actor (The Professionals). James and Crouch found new guys and kept going a bit longer - two more singles came out. Crouch left the business; James now heads up Chrysalis Music. 


Stu James: vocals; 
Nicky Crouch: guitar, vocal; 
Lewis Collins: bass; 
Aynsley Dunbar: drums ( later in Journey and the Starship). 

                                                    (1963 - 1965)


'Forever'/'They Say'          DECCA F 11732      10/63 

'Everything's Alright'/       DECCA F 11853        3/64 
'Give Your Lovin' to Me' 

'Why Not Tonight?'/          DECCA F 11918       6/64 
Don't Do It Any More' 

'Seven Daffodils'/             DECCA F 11959       8/64 
'Nothin' at All' 

'Comin' on to Cry'/           DECCA F 12127        4/65 
'That's the Way It Goes'' 

'Wait a Minute'/               DECCA F 12231        8/65 
'Wonder if She Knows' 


'The Mojos'                     DECCA DFE 8591     8/64 

Date of entry into  UK charts - Title - Highest position 

 3/64                "Everything's Alright"        9



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