John Winston Lennon formed the skiffle group of THE QUARRY MEN in March 1957, when he was 16 years old, soon after his Aunt Mimi had bought him a guitar for £ 17.

For one week John, who attended the Quarry Bank High School, called the group "The Black Jacks".
Later, decided to call "The Quarry Men" because of a line from school inner which read "Quarry Men, old before our birth".

The early members of the group were his friends and classmate PETE SHOTTON at washboard and another school classmate, BILL SMITH at tea chest bass, who later he alternated the own roll with IVAN VAUGHAM, NIGEL WHALLEY and LEN "DUFF" GARRY.

In a short time he enlisted others members: ROD DAVIS to the on banjo, ERIC GRIFFITHS on guitar and COLIN HANTON on drums.

At the beginning, the repertoire comprised popular pieces skiffle as 'Lost John', 'Railroad Bill', 'Cumberland Gap', 'Freight Train', 'Midnight Special', 'No Other Baby', 'Rock Island Line', 'Worried Man Blues' and the Liverpool sea shanty 'Maggie May'.

The group thought part at various manifestations and locals competitions.

9 June 1957, at Empire Theatre for the Carroll Levis' "TV Star Search", without success.
This talent contest was conducted before a live audience; winners appeared on Levis'ATV "Discoveries" television show. The winners were the "Sunnysiders", a group that featured Nicky Cuff, a midget, on vocals and tea chest bass.

22 June 1957, at an outdoor party on Rosebery Street, doing afternoon and evening sets from the back of a coal truk.

6 July 1957, at the Woolton Village Fete, sponsored by St. Peter's Parish Church, where John Lennon and Paul McCartney met for the first time.
20 July, John invited Paul to join The Quarry Men.

7 August 1957, the debut at Cavern Club, sans Paul, where they were chided for performing rock numbers such as 'Hound Dog' and 'Blue Suede Shoes'.

18 October 1957, at New Clubmoor Hall, where Paul unsuccessfully attempted to take over on lead guitar.

7 November-7 December 1957, at Wilson Hall, Garston (7 Nov and 7 Dec); Stanley Abattoir Social Club (16 Nov); Conservative Club's New Clubmoor Hall (23 Nov).

10 January-13 March 1958, at the New Clubmoor Hall (10 Jan); the Cavern Club (24 Jan); the Wilson Hall, Garston (6 Feb); the Morgue Skiffle Cellar, on its opening night (13 Mar).

He some thing was happened during the show at the Cavern Club (7 Aug), John was very interested of Rock music and also with the help of Paul who tounght great newuess in the group (scores, chords, operatics...), left the original Skiffle style.

On February 1958, ROD DAVIS was dismissed together NIGEL WHALLY, who was victim of tuberculosis.
In the meantime many rock numbers are and repertoire: 'All Shook Up', 'Be-Bop-A-Lula', 'Blue Moon Of Kentucky', 'Bony Moronie', 'Lawdy Miss Clawdy', 'Lend Me Your Comb', Mailman Blues', Mean Woman Blues', 'Roll Over Beethoven', 'Searchin', 'Short Fat Fanny', 'Sure To Fall (In Love With You)', 'That's All Right, Mama', and 'Twenty Flight Rock'.

In particulary, Paul braght the Littke Richard numbers 'Long Tall Sally' and 'Lucille', but one of their major influences was Buddy Holly, including 'It's So Easy', 'Maybe Baby', 'Peggy Sue', 'That'll Be The Day', 'Think It Over' and 'Words Of Love'.

John and Paul started to write the lyrics and the music of songs, individually and together. And on repertoire here were also the other pieces: 'Hello Little Girl', I lost My Little Girl', 'Just fun', 'Keep Looking That Way', 'Like Dreamers Do', 'Love Of The Loved', 'The One After 909', 'That's My Woman', 'Thinking Of Linking', 'Too Bad About Sorrow' and 'Years Roll By'.

In the same month, in February 1958, was received in the band the young George HARRISON who brought different new numbers like 'Youngblood', 'Your True Love', 'Three Cool Cats'and many instrumental pieces for guitar: 'Guitar Boogie', 'Ramrod', 'Raunchy', the Paul compositions 'Catswalk' and 'Hot As Sun', John's 'Winston's Walk' and Lennon & McCartney instrumental 'Looking Glass'.

During 1958, the group, including John, Paul, George, John "Duff" Lowe and Colin Hanton, made a recording, for 25 shillings, at a studio in the Kensington area of Liverpool, of the Buddy Holly number 'That'll Be The Day' and McCartney-Harrison song 'In the Spite Of All The Danger'.
The only copy of this recording is the original shellac disc, now owned by Paul.

Late that year, the Quarry Men failed an audition for ABC Television in South Manchester.

1 January 1959, at Wilson Hall, Garston.

24 January 1959, at Woolton Village Club.

During the January month COLIN HANTON was dismissed. From now for drummer become a serious problem. If somebody ask to him why the group did't get a drummer, hedid answers: "Are the guitar the one give the rhythm".

29 August 1959, the debut at MONA BEST's Casbah Coffee Club in West Derby, where continued to play there each Saturday into October. Sometime, with name of "The Rainbows".
The group knew the Mona' son, PETE BEST, a drummer with a group called "The Blackjacks".
The new entry, KEN BROWN, performed on bass with John, Paul and George for very short time here.

10 October 1959, KEN BROWN quit The Quarry Men.

October 1959, the group changed the name in "Johnny and the Moondogs" and auditioned for Carrol Levis' "TV Star Search" at Empire Theater, still in search of a spot on his "Discoveries" television Show. They again finished behind Nicky Cuff's group, now called "The Connaughts", but qualified for the final round of competition on 15 November.

15 November 1959, The Moondogs performed in the final round of Carrol Levis' "TV Star Search". Without lodgings for the night, they were forced to return home before the final vote ( a measure of audience applause) was taken.

January 1960, STUART SUTCLIFFE joined The Quarry Men, having acquired a bass guitar that he never really learned to play.

23-24 April 1960, John and Paul performed, billed as "The Nerk Twins", at the Fox and Hounds pub, Caversham, Berkshire.

May 1960, John asked ALLAN WILLIAMS to manage The Moondogs.
The group played at Williams' Jacaranda Coffee Bar.

10 May 1960, the audition for Larry Parnes. This time the drummer was nominated TOMMY MOORE, but he came late, and for this reason played JOHNNY HUTCHINSON, he was lent from "Cassanovas".

20-28 May 1960, The Tour of Scotland backing Johnny Gentle, under name of "Silver Beetles".

4 June 1960, at Grosvenor Ballroom, Liscard.

9 June 1960, at the Neston Institute.

11 June 1960, at the Grosvenor Ballroom.

13 June 1960, TOMMY MOORE's last performance on drums at Jacaranda.

16 June-30 July 1960, at Neston Istitute and Grosvenor Ballroom. The Silver Beetles employed NORMAN CHAPMAN, as their drummer.

12 August 1960, the group auditioned of PETE BEST and invited him to travel to Hamburg with them and becom their permanent drummer.

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