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"Rangzen" ("Indipendence" in tibetan) is the name of the "multigenerational" band generated from the fusion of Claudio Cardelli and his sons Francesco and Riccardo along with Gogo Bertozzi and Marco Vannoni, two members of a Beatles band operating in Rimini. Claudio, one of the founders of the Italia-Tibet Association is a journalist and reporter, he has done many expeditions in tibetan areas since the early 70's and has been involved in the tibetan struggle for many years.
All the members of Rangzen enthusiastically agreed to close this quite strange name for a rock'n'roll band. "Commitment is important", they decided, "remembering Tibet through music is a good compromise".
A musician since the sixties Claudio has never abandoned his old love: the guitar (the proud owner of 27 pieces).
In 1995 along with his two sons Francesco (17, bass) and Riccardo(15, vocals) he started with the family trio of the "Corbix". But it was when the band was joined by Gogo Bertozzi (vocals and guitar) one of the most well known musicians in his town and Marco Vannoni, who has a degree in saxophone but also a great love for drums, that the band took off as "Rangzen". The last to join the group is Giancarlo Del Vecchio, member with Claudio of the "Log" band in Pesaro during the sixties, with his keyboards and his amazing voice that took the sound of Rangzen a little bit more towards the West Coast. In 1998 they started with their own songs inspired by the Tibet world and teen age land.
So they had the idea of this first album including some songs from their live repertoire. The "Rangzen" have organized many charity concerts for the tibetan comunities in India. They are at home in the best of the international beach resort of Rimini.
They had a great success in the shows "Chiedi chi erano i Beatles" at "Ermete Novelli", the main theatre of Rimini, in winter 1998 and, on the same stage, "Like a Rolling Stone" in winter 1999. They are just preparing "Long Time Gone" for the year 2000. Moreover they have performed in the most fomous Beatles club in the world: the "Cavern" of Liverpool together with Rolando Giambelli, president of "Beatlesiani d'Italia Associati".
The "Rangzen" have been invited to perform, on august 1998, in Zurich for the Tibetag and for the Constitutions Day in Rikon.
An opportunity to shout "Rangzen" with all their tibetan friends in Europe.