( Remembering the Fab Four!.... )



From Rome four boys that play the songs absolutely live from the 60/66 era. Style, sound and especially feeling are represented with the same Fab Four's instruments: Rickenbacker guitars, violin Hofner bass left-hander, VoxAC 30 guitar amp., VoxAC 50 bass amp. and Ludwig drums without any electronic effect or other tricks.

Apple Pies

From Pavia a solid line-up that after a difficult work of study and research play live the songs never recorded by Beatles..and not also only.

Back To The Beatles

A acoustic Duo, formed by father and son, Rolando and Alessandro Giambelli, from Brescia who proposes the most beautiful songs.

Two Of Us

Six boys from Palermo on the crest of the wave since 1988. From some year regularly they take part to Liverpool's Beatlefest.

The Apple Scruffs



Formed in Palermo in 1994. Antonio Alaino, Walter Iannuzzi, Marco Adelfio, Pippo Cusimano, Daniele Martinez and Marcello Costa was the best groups performance at the "Omaggio ai Beatles" in Palermo, 1997. This band plays songs from the Beatles whole career. NM perform many gigs every year, most of them in Italy, and has also experiences on radio/TV.

The Nowhere Men


Paolo Angioi (John) Emiliano Zappalà (Paul), Dario Calfapietra (George), Stefano Di Pietro (Ringo). The energy and the young freshness of the early Beatles lives again in the voices and the sound of The Bugs, an emerging band from Rome performing since 1998.

The Bugs



The group (Only Liverpool Band in Milan) is founded in Milan by Paolo, Mauro, Bobby and Mario. In that time a new music era is born......
The Stingless

The group is founded in Rimini by Claudio Cardelli, Francesco Cardelli, Riccardo Cardelli, Gogo Bertozzi, Giancarlo Del Vecchio and Marco Vannoni.......

Based in Novara and formed in 1999, this band opered in the area of North Italy. The Revolver captures the Beatles, recreating "that" magic atmosphere, "that" incredible sound, "that" authentic emotion......

The italian group of Fab Four from  Bari - Antonio Tuzza, Simone Martorana, Dino Rosso e Renato Ciardo - play all the Beatles production in live performances. Founded in 1992, starting from 1996 their passion became a job, allowing'em to cumulate hundreds of live concerts all around the italian territory. The Band shared most important national meeting. Starting from may 2000 the Quarrymen are working, as starring, on a musical called “EPPY, l’uomo che ha costruito il mito dei Beatles”,  where they also play more than 30 Beatles songs.





Mark Benson (John), Gary  Grimes (Paul), James Pou (George), Greg George (Ringo). "The #1 Beatles Show in the World !".

"1964" The Tribute


The Rutles are a legend. A living legend. A legend that will last a lunchtime. Dirk, Nasty, Stig and Barry have made the history of the pre-fab four, from the Cavern of Liverpool to Shabby Road.


The Rutles

The group were formed in 1992. Proof is in the immense popularity in Southern California's British night pubs. Their shows have been attended by Beatle fans from all over the world: Japan, Australia, Europe and Latin America. Is exact replicas of the Beatles' musical instruments and equipment.

Bob Fitch (Paul): Bass Guitar, Vocals, Piano,  Acoustic Guitar; Lucien Nocelli (John): Electric Guitar, Vocals, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar; Michael Brown (George): Electric Guitar, Vocals, Bass Guitar; Rich Morello (Ringo): Drums, Vocals, Percussion.

Day Tripper


They are keeping the music of the Fab 4 alive in Honolulu. They use the authentic instruments of the Beatles. So if you missed Beatlemania the first time around, and you're going to be in Hawaii, why not join the DayTrippers...!!



This group is a TRIO (!) and based in Washington. The instruments used are: guitars, flute, bass, harmonica, percussions.

"The Fab Walrus"



Since our formation in the summer of 1989, this group has been one of New England's premiere Beatles Tribute bands. Repertoire: from the early years in Hamburg through the middle albums...essentially the first half of the 1960s. Is the most famous from Southern New Hampshire to Southeast Massachussetts.



Based in Los Angeles. Tim Piper (John), Jeff Toczynski (Paul), David Kaufman (George), Neil Burg (Ringo). They know to recreate well the experience of The Beatles live in concert.

The Imagine


Tom Coburn (California), the brothers Paul e Dave John (Nebraska), Daniel Burt (Utah) are the members of this band teamed in 1993. They experienced impressive success as they approach their 300th performance. Important shows in Japan and in Europe.


Based in Southern California, the MopTops were selected by Capitol Records (Hollywood) over all other Beatles bands to promote the Beatles blockbuster "Anthology 1" album and perform at Dodger Stadium to 46,000 fans. This group is sure most famous of the USA bands.

The Moptops

Since 1975 this group opered in West Coast.


Greg Gersabeck (John), Todd Raney (Paul), Rae Loeffler (George) e Bob Moase (Ringo). By George, that Beatle playing a lady!! During the Chicago's Beatlefest Convention (August 1996) this band has had an great success.



This group is famous in the area of New York City, but very it is known in all USA. Has taken part to the local Beatlefest 1997, winning the "batle of the Beatlebands". The manager is the italian-American Tony Garofalo.

Strawberry Fields


British Import are one of America premier Beatle Bands, from Chicago. The formation: Davey Justice (bass, vocals, piano, acoustic guitar), Rick Saucedo (rhythm guitar, vocals, piano, harmonica, sitar), Tim O'Hair (lead guitar, vocals, piano, mandolin), Jim Martin (drums, percussion, vocals, keyboards).

British Import

This group, formed in 1986, captures the Beatles with authentic instruments, costumes and a visual impact that can only be described as "Incredible".

The Silver Beetles are an unassuming whirlwind of energetic and dedicated professional entertainers, who are quickly rising from obscurity in New England's Beatles tribute community.

The Silver Beetles



The World's Youngest Tribute Band. Young Hines (John), Mike William (Paul), Michael Fulop (George), Adam Thurston (Ringo). These four lads range from ages 21 to 23, the approximate ages that the Beatles were during the height of Beatlemania. The play all the Beatles hits, focusing in on the early period (1964 - 1966).

The Roaches



The MerseyBeat are, Sal Assenza (John Lennon) on guitar and vocals, Richard Neale, (Paul McCartney) on bass and vocals, George Dombek, (George Harrison) on lead guitar and vocals, and Rusty Yardum, (Ringo Starr) on Drums. Listen to a set by The MerseyBeat, and feel you have returned to Liverpool in 1960’S.  The sound of those vintage guitars and amps, and the legendary Beatle vocal harmonies are all there. This Long Island based band faithfully recreates the very best of the Beatles and other great bands of the British invasion era. Founded in 1985, the band honed the authenticity of its sound in Long Island and New York area clubs. Their 1996 Liverpool tour culminated in an appearance at the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool England to the stomping delight of the local fans. All four band members bring with them nostalgia for the 60’s and use authentic Hofner, Gretch, Rickenbacker, Ludwig, and Vox musical equipment said “Good Times”.,.  The Merseybeat has a love for the music and nostalgia for the era, and it shows. Sal Assenza, the bands founder, has put together the hottest line up yet.

The MerseyBeat


This group is famous in England. On 1997 it has been a lot engaged in the concerts: from the Royal Albert Hall of London to glorious Empire Theatree of Liverpool, where he has been host to the last Convention.

The Bootleg Beatles


Specialized in pieces of the first period (1962-65) but knows to interpret also the rest of repertoire, comprised the psychedelic period (in custom). The instrumentation is authentic.



Probabily the best Beatle Band in the world.


Established in 1991, the Fab Beatles are the UK's premier Beatles Tribute group and pride themselves on their attention to detail, authentically replicating both the sound and look of the worlds most enduring pop music phenomenon. The Fab Beatles, in the true spirit of the Lads from Liverpool, cater for venues ranging from the "Casbah Coffee Bar" to Shea Stadium arenas. Young or old, audiences will scream, be awed and strut their stuff to hits like Day Tripper, Twist and Shout and Lady Madonna.

The Fab Beatles




They call: Bruce Coble, Steven Shipley, David Wood e Simon Merlo. The instrumentation: Rickenbacker, Gretsch, Hofner. Also the customs are the emotions!

The Beatels

This Show has been together since late 1992 and has toured Australia with great success. The John & Paul parts played by Steve Brazier & Scott Vance are incredibly close in looks and vocal tone. Other members are Clive Johnson (George), Gary Carrigan (Ringo). This Show has a full on concert production with 4 road crew employed full-time to ensure of professional sound & lighting.

The Fab Four



This band is founded on 1990 by Andrew Kohlenberg (John), Martin Schuring (Paul), Toby Mann (Ringo). On 1995 Edwyn Oil (George) joins the band, called "the resurrection of the Beatles".



This Group is famous by their numerous performances in radio/TV shows celebrated by their audience in municipal theatres, at gala and formal events. Four lads from Germany shake the world again and bounce into a tremendously poppermost and toppermost breathtaking show to create the finest illusion of the greatest showbiz phenomenon that ever occured: The Fab Four.

The Beatles Four Ever Show




This band is the best known in the world from Sweden. Been born on 1979, it is credited of a intense activity of concerts, apparitions in television and radio. Skillful in recreating "that" atmosphere of the concerts from alive one. Numerous they are the exhibitions to the "Cavern Club" of Liverpool, in occasion of the Convention.



From Gohthenburg, Sweden. The members: Jakob Alm, drums; Martin Hamren, bass and guitar; Goran Ihrfelt, keyboard and bass; Micke Isacson, keyboard, guitar and harmonica. This band have been playing Beatle music since 1989.

Lenny Pane



Formed in Belo Horizonte on 1990, this group has been so critically acclaimed that has been invited for the most important events (Los Angeles, Liverpool, London.....). The band, that now is considered to be one of the premier Beatles Bands in the world, has recorded two CD. The line-up actually: Alan Rocha (bass), Marcos Gauguin (lead guitar), Marcelo Carrato (drums), Aggeu Marques (rhythm guitar), Beto Arreguy (keyboards). HERE the old line-up in a memorable concert in Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool, on 1994.

Sgt Pepper's Brazil


Formed in Brasilia before the dissolution of the Beatles, on 1968. The line-up: Rogerio Silva, Edoardo Sampaio, Marcio Brandao, Sergei Quintas and Luiz Pinedo.



Edu Henning, Babi, Saulo Simonassi, Mark Fernandes, Leo Teixeira: the Brazilians Beatles. Accurate performance of the Beatles' songs and many successful shows.

Clube Big Beatles





Now I want to propose a great bands list of
the Sun Levant:

Epstain Pleaning Party






The Rickettes






Back - A - Bone









Meet The Dontacos



The Beatleg




From Shimkent, Kasakhstan, this band was founded on 1987 by three brothers: Berdaly, Seraly and Turash Ospanov. Berdaly is the oldest brother. He plays guitar and he is the manager. Seraly plays lead guitar. Turash is the youngest and plays drums. The fourth member is Denis Nemtsev, real left-handed bass player. Fifth member is Sergey Haritonov, player the keyboard, who is Musical Director of the band.





From Mexico...... Oscar Martinez (John), Gabriel Illan (Paul), Jorge Tapia (George), Frank Martinez (Ringo). Un nuevo grupo formado de jovenes méxicanos, que adquirieron el gusto por interpretar la música de " THE BEATLES ".  " Beatles ?, un significado que no existe, pero que se siente ".......



Czech Tribute Beatles Band. Formed in Prague on 1996, this group plays all the Beatles hits with the same Fab Four's instruments: VOX, Rickenbacker, Hofner, Epiphone. Numerous gigs in Czechoslovakia, Germany and Poland.

The Beatles Revival

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