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Four  Lads
Shook The World


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Conventions Calendar:

Northampton Beatles Day, Northampton Grand Hotel, Gold Street--> 12 May 2001.  BEATLEFEST 2001 - CHICAGO, Hyatt Regency O'Hare.--> August 17-19 Agosto 2001.  LIVERPOOL BEATLES AUCTION at Paul McCartney Auditorium, LIPA--> 22 August 2001.  Primera Semana Beatle de Latinoamérica, Buenos Aires (Argentina, El Paseo La Plaza--> 9 - 14 Ottobre 2001. 


Created: 10 July 1997


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Welcome! On the rigth you can see me, your host, Salvatore Libertino (also known as Kid). I was born in TROPEA, beautifull country of Calabria (Italy),
and I live with my family in ROME (Italy). This is a simple tribute to the Fab Four , the greatest rock 'n' roll band in the world (EVER!).
A very special thanks to the people who has emailed us with comments and suggestions.


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